Does your car need a check or a fixup?

Rolleston Vehicle Services

We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers around the area. 
All repair services are performed by highly qualified mechanics.


Oil changes





Emergency Repairs

We are here for any kind of trouble with your car or truck. We know your vehicle breaking down can be frustrating and even worse it can leave you stranded. So we provide the best service we can to make you feel at ease during such a time. We provide a courtesy car and can arrange to tow in addition to repairing your vehicle so you can relax and let us take care of it. 

Routine Mechanical Check-up for your Car

The best way to keep your car running for longer is to look after it regularly. The oil needs changing, the tyres need replacing and your engine needs checking.

Here at Rolleston Automotive, you can book in your car for a check-up, and we will change the oil, check the brakes and tyres and tell you if there is anything else that you need to know.

Rolleston Automotive WOF Pricing

TRAILERS: $35.00

TRAILERS: $35.00

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CARS:<br/> $60.00


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LARGE VANS: $70.00

LARGE VANS: $70.00

Schedule your warrant of fitness here »

Rolleston Automotive Service Centre